So, out of the blue dolls came blue ladies, and when I look at them collectively I hear Joni Mitchell sing ‘When I went to your gallery, I liked the ones of ladies’. Can’t remember the title of the song but I think it’s off her album ‘Clouds’. Anyway, I figured these studies are in the process of becoming a manifestation of said gallery, the one that Joni walked into.

They are loosely based on found/inherited photographs of women in the act of presenting themselves for the camera, and quite possibly the male gaze. Something has been sucked out of them; some soul, or life force. They smile through gritted teeth, fading into pattern and decoration. Equally, I am feeling some nostalgia for the times when ladies said ‘cheese’ for the camera instead of doing the selfie pout, followed by a load of false filtering.


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Jayne Cooper

Artist Jayne Cooper studied painting at Glasgow School of Art. Over the last ten years she has exhibited throughout the UK in both shared and solo shows, including the BP awards at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Jayne works from her studio in the Lincolnshire market town of Louth.

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