2 10, 2017

Well Done, Sister Suffragette


I am currently obsessed with knocking out these ladies, which I think are in the process of forming an army of 100, to commemorate the forthcoming centenary of women's right to vote. Each soldier is painted on A4 card using  primary coloured poster paint in various combinations. Only 75 more to do.

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24 09, 2017

Save our NHS


Wendy Cadwallader and I spent a lovely couple of days together creating this banner for the 'Save Louth Hospital' march that took place the first Saturday in September. I based the design on the original Louth Uprising banner from 1537, that depicts the five wounds of Christ. And then I added a peach hot water

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24 09, 2017

A Private Private View


Robert Wyatt very kindly came to see the GWOW today (Great Wall of Wyatt) at the Spout Yard Gallery . Look how pleased I am to stuck in between two Robert Wyatts. I prefer the one on my right.

A Private Private View 2017-12-17T23:24:55+00:00
21 04, 2017

Spring Clean


My studio reached crisis point and the only way forward was to have a clear out. I even got out the hoover. Tidying, brush cleaning and soaking mould out of coffee cups has taken up most of my Easter holiday, but the end is in sight; just one more run to the tip I can

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3 02, 2017



I am exhibiting new paintings and drawings at Caistor Arts and Heritage Centre throughout February, including my recently completed portrait of Robery Wyatt.

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Jayne Cooper

Artist Jayne Cooper studied painting at Glasgow School of Art. Over the last ten years she has exhibited throughout the UK in both shared and solo shows, including the BP awards at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Jayne works from her studio in the Lincolnshire market town of Louth.

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