22 03, 2019



Painted objects on plinths.... a whole new world

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3 10, 2018



The Rebel Daughters Sista Suffragettes are making yet another appearance in Lincolnshire; this time at the Old Police Station in Market Rasen .This is a fascinating listed building, one of only four original courtrooms in the country. And only one ancient nail to hang the show on (no nailing or blu tac allowed). Still, me

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8 05, 2018

The Future


Always a bit odd getting ready for an exhibition and doing all the other jobs an artist has to do other than make the work, which is the good bit. Takes up a lot of  time, but it's part of the deal so best crack on and do your best. So, CANNOT WAIT to get

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8 05, 2018

Making an Exhibition…


My centenary celebration Rebel Daughters are making an exhibition of themselves at Louth Riverhead Theatre, for the month of May. Tenner each - bargain. A big thankyou to Wendy for her super efficient curation, as ever. And to Graeme Oxby for Saturdays photoshoot .... more soon of that one

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15 03, 2018

Scaling up.


I've made some more ladies in the studio, this time adding floral motifs with collaged photocopies. I really like them, but I'm not sure if I understand them, at this point in time. The ease at which they come together is kind of addictive; probably about 75% of them happen first time, the other 25%

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24 02, 2018



So, out of the blue dolls came blue ladies, and when I look at them collectively I hear Joni Mitchell sing 'When I went to your gallery, I liked the ones of ladies'. Can't remember the title of the song but I think it's off her album 'Clouds'. Anyway, I figured these studies are in

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22 02, 2018

Army Complete


Regarding the Suffragette Army, I have exceeded my target of 100, and now working on larger versions. Twenty of them are currently on display as part of 'Rebel Daughters' at the Point in Doncaster. The rest are in a shoe box awaiting a suitable venue in which to strut their stuff. Their time will come.

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2 10, 2017

Well Done, Sister Suffragette


I am currently obsessed with knocking out these ladies, which I think are in the process of forming an army of 100, to commemorate the forthcoming centenary of women's right to vote. Each soldier is painted on A4 card using  primary coloured poster paint in various combinations. Only 75 more to do.

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24 09, 2017

Save our NHS


Wendy Cadwallader and I spent a lovely couple of days together creating this banner for the 'Save Louth Hospital' march that took place the first Saturday in September. I based the design on the original Louth Uprising banner from 1537, that depicts the five wounds of Christ. And then I added a peach hot water

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Jayne Cooper

Artist Jayne Cooper studied painting at Glasgow School of Art. Over the last ten years she has exhibited throughout the UK in both shared and solo shows, including the BP awards at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Jayne works from her studio in the Lincolnshire market town of Louth.

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